Portrait Series : Ashley Roberts

Los Angeles based Ash Roberts has no limit to when it comes to creative outlets. From styling spaces to fashion, Ash has recently shifted her focus to her long time passion of painting. From an ear...
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Portrait Series: Lexie Smith

Meet Lexie, this baker and artist has redefined our approach on what it means to be a creative. New York native, Lexie tells us how she got into baking and how she integrates her food with her art...
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Portrait Series : Mikaela Hållén

Stockholm based Fashion editor and stylist Mikaela Hållén sits down with us for a quick Q&A to discuss Sweden, style and lets us in on a unexpected beauty secret Mikaela wears the Danie...
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Portrait Series : Madelynn Furlong

Minnesota native / Los Angeles based Madelynn Furlong gained attention as a fashion influencer, and has more recently been transitioning her passion for interior styling into MADÉ, an online visual...
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Portrait Series : Djuna Bel

How did you get your start in the fashion industry? I was working as a model in New York and didn’t even realize what a styling was a job. I was lucky enough to meet a few stylist who took under ...
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Portrait Series : Kristen Giorgi

We stumbled upon the Atlanta-based professional painter Kristen Giorgi’s Instagram page and were immediately hooked, who is this girl and how do we get our hands on one of these beautiful paintings...
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