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Jena Covello is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of Agent Nateur, empowered by a pursuit of cleanliness, Covello has set out to revolutionize the beauty product industry with their eco-certified and powerful ingredients. With a passion for holistic wellness and a strong belief in the power of nature, Jena has been at the forefront of the clean beauty movement, offering an alternative to the conventional skincare products filled with harmful chemicals. Through her hard work and commitment, Jena has transformed Agent Nateur into a thriving business, inspiring countless people to make the switch to a more natural and sustainable approach to skincare.


Did you always imagine you'd start your own brand? 

Yes, from the time I was like 6. 

What sparked your interest in skincare?

My mom has flawless skin. She was disciplined with spf and retinol my entire life. She actually formulated holi mane and has inspired my best sellers. I started Agent because I used to be estrogen dominant and I wanted to create deodorant and skincare that was free of endocrine disrupters 


Best piece of advice received? 

Follow your heart and don’t ever give up. You can have anything you want if you want it bad enough.  

Learning experience as a business owner? 

Don’t short change the value of your company and keep a professional boundary with everyone you work with. 


What is your skincare philosophy?

Less is more. I created a tight, multifaceted line that is efficacious if you’re 20 or 70. I love formulating with clean anti aging actives with clinical data to back them up. I like dewy, sun-kissed skin and don’t wear too much makeup. 

3 things you always carry with you in your bag? 

A matte lipstick, my Amex, my passport 


Favorite vacation destination?

South of France. I wake up, hang out at the pool at Hotel Du Cap, swim in the ocean and then around 1:30 I head to the lab to formulate skincare. 

What keeps you inspired? 

France, my boyfriend inspires me. My mom inspires me…holistic functional doctors inspire me. 


What’s typical day look like for you?

I work and live between LA, France and Miami so depends on where I am. In LA I’m mostly at my office every single day. I like to work out with Madonna’s ex trainer Rob Parr in LA. I start every day with a holi mane smoothie. I hang out and work with my boyfriend and love to see my girlfriends. I like to stay in to be cozy in LA. In Miami I’m usually working on my computer all day and laying at the beach in my free time. I climb around 20 flights a day in miami. It’s the best remedy for cellulite. In France I’m usually formulating and sourcing…and eating. I go to sleep early. I have a disciplined supplement regimen. I wake up really early. I pretty much just work nonstop. I’m starting to play with color… 

Favorite vintage piece you have found?

My mom’s Charles Jourdan heels that I wore around the house when I was in third grade. Just found them last night! 

What’s next for you?

A work project I’m collaborating on with interior designer @nightpalm. We collaborated for my Miami apartment. Im so excited to share more soon!

Jena Covello


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