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Angela Fink is a multi-talented creative director, fashion style influencer and furniture designer with a keen eye for detail and aesthetics. With a background in celebrity styling, Angela has established herself as a leading authority on style. Her innovative approach to furniture design incorporates her unique sense of style, resulting in pieces that are not only functional but also visually stunning. Angela's creative vision and ability to blend different design elements have made her a sought-after collaborator for brands and businesses in various industries. Her passion for style and design is evident in everything she creates, and her influence is felt by many who look to her for inspiration and guidance.

Angela pictured wearing the Kendall Knit Set.

Tell us about how finding quiet and stillness in nature inspires your work and sense of self? 

This was a slow burn for me through discovery, and time. I grew up in nature from the age of 2 in a pack on my dad’s back while he Fly fished in the streams of Colorado. When I met my husband he echoed that heart signal by taking me to the desert. I fell in love with escaping the city and connecting to something greater than myself. We would return almost every weekend and the power of nature would surge within me, when I would return the city I felt a new, more connected and creative.

Where are you from? Does this have any influence over how you think about creating now?

I’m from Texas, born and raised. I think I was influenced heavily by our summer travels. Every summer we would get in our car and hit the road. Nature was the bedrock for all the places we visited and now my need for connection to the earth guides me.

Tell us about Dumont and The Search For Space, how did they come about and which came first? 

Dumont our creative agency came about because of a need we found in our clients. Brands, designers, companies felt that they lacked content and we at Dumont could fulfill that need. Much like Dumont Agency, Search for Space was a passion project that also supported a personal need. I had recently moved into a new home and it was in May of 2020, I couldn't find the bespoke pieces I had imagined for my home, and with production & lead times behind I decided to create pieces that spoke to our new space with a nod to nature.

It's evident how thoughtfully made your furniture pieces are, what does the design process look like for you? 

Much like with all creation I invest myself in, it's designed by my emotions, how does the shape make me feel, how do I want to move around this piece, how can it feel in balance with my space. When going back and forth about a design often I couldn’t express the why so much with words, it was a body movement, a flow.

Angela pictured wearing the Kendall Knit Set.

What is a principle you follow when getting dressed?

My number one principle is stay true to yourself. How often we leave the house and feel uncomfortable, and then in turn we bring that uncomfortable energy with us. Dress in a way that empowers you.

How has your style evolved over time, have you always thought about the same concepts around clothing/self expression?

The foundation for creation has stayed the same, thinking of pieces in more than one way but my self expression and pieces I invest in have very much changed. I look at pieces for the long haul, how will I wear something 5 years from now. I have a more sustainable way of shopping that lends a better future for our industry and my wardrobe.

You wear many different hats, with influencer being one- how does digital creation differ from more tangible art forms like furniture design?

I think of them as the same, I create because something inside me needs to be realized. It's the truest form of creation for me. 

Who is someone that inspires you for any reason and why?  

You, Jen Humphrey. I have known you for 12 plus years. What you have created with Trois and the beautiful work/life balance you have created is something to be proud of. The pieces you create with Trois stay in my wardrobe for years and each season I pull them out with new life.

Is collaboration an important mode of creation for you?

Ten thousand percent, with collaboration comes innovation, a new perspective and can often create magic.

Angela pictured wearing the Kendall Knit Set. 

Have you always had many creative outlets? Does one take precedence over the other or is each equally important to you? 

For many years styling was my big creative outlet, the rest of my creative expression lay dormant for far too long. It was realized more and more by the people that came into my life and gave me courage to express myself on deeper levels. Importance goes where you place your focus. My focus in the here and now is on storytelling and story creation. I hope to share this gift soon.

Are you a night or morning person?

I am a morning person, each morning feels like a rebirth that anything can happen.

What do you hope people take away/feel when they interact with your work? 

This is currently changing for me, a few years ago I would say oneness, finding still moments, now I want to create value. How can I help you style your day? How can I give you the knowledge that I have learned from styling myself and my home. How can I empower you?

 What has success meant for you and has the idea changed over time?

The idea of success has changed and is always evolving for myself, my life, my career. I find the small successes throughout my weeks and larger ones through the years, they change, they grow, they evolve and often I find some don’t fit anymore. I allow myself grace.

What are a few of your favorite locations to travel? 

El Mirage is special to me, it's a dry lake bed, the horizon line feeds my soul. It was one of the first places my husband took me when we met. Dumont dunes is also special to me, I felt tethered to it that we named our creative agency after it.

What's something you're looking forward to in the next year? 

Growing and evolving as a person, I think this is the year to lean into self mastery, with that everything else will flow.

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Angela Fink

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