Brianna Lance is a captivating painter and multi-talented artist based in New York. Operating at the intersection of creativity and spirituality; her artworks are vibrant portals into fantastical realms that brim with detail yet remain distinctively spontaneous. An artistic explorer inspired by inner journeys - Lance invites us to observe every nuance within these remarkable landscapes she so lovingly creates. 

When do you feel the most like yourself?

Hmmm.  All the time.  Sometimes I wish I could feel less like myself, but I’m old enough now I just am me all the time.  

What's one of the biggest risks you've taken?  

I changed my career at 38 which was terrifying.  I went from being a Creative Director and consultant to a painter.   It was probably the most terrifying thing to leave a successful career to follow what makes me happy.  It turned out to be the best decision I’ve made. 

Brianna pictured wearing the Mulder Top 

What is something that makes you feel accomplished?  

When someone writes to me what a painting means to them, that’s the biggest reward.   It is indescribable the validation of someone connecting to something you made. 

Typical day in the life?  

Most days I wake up and meditate, then go to kickboxing then go home and paint.  Depending on the season and what’s going on things change quite a bit but that’s the most frequent day I have. 

Brianna pictured wearing the Vera Dress.

How do you push through creative ruts?

I just plow into them.  Even if I’m not feeling it I still make work.

Has painting always been your medium for creating? How do you define your painting style and has it changed over time?  

My paintings evolve like crazy just out of a drive to constantly get better.  I never want to feel like I’m not growing.  I would describe them as a trippy journey into the other realms.  That’s not a technical term but I think it’s the best way to describe them. 

Brianna pictured wearing the Selma Dress.

What is your philosophy on getting dressed/What inspires your personal style? 

I just wear what I like.  I feel like I have answered this question in so many different ways but they were lies.  The truth is what I like and what I feel good in.  

Must have wardrobe staple?

I have 20 pairs of jeans and about 7 black trousers.  So I think those are probably my go to items.

What is a quality you admire in others?

I love discipline especially in romantic interest.  In people I think comfort in your skin and who you are, also a good sense of humor, one that’s a little twisted. 

Where do you draw from most in your painting?

My spirituality is where most of my work comes from.  The idea of mysticism and magic.

Current Disposition? 

Currently I’m over worked and really in a bad mood while I answer these questions, but in general most of the time I feel a lot of gratitude. 


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