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Article: Portrait Series : Madelynn Furlong

Portrait Series : Madelynn Furlong

Portrait Series : Madelynn Furlong

Minnesota native / Los Angeles based Madelynn Furlong gained attention as a fashion influencer, and has more recently been transitioning her passion for interior styling into MADÉ, an online visual space potential clients and creatives alike can see what makes @madelynnfurlong / @madejournal.

Madelynn wears the Milano dress

The first thing you miss about your home when you’re away is... 

The light in the morning, Im deeply obsessed with my home.

Where do you like to shop in LA?

I love shopping vintage - Sleeper is my current favorite!

What is your best-kept secret?

The sushi place I frequent off beverly. Its incredible. 

What five things do you always carry with you?

Im so boring when it comes to this haha, keys, wallet, sunglasses, chapstick and a good purse

Your favorite cocktail is...

Right now, an Americano

Last picture taken on your phone?

A screen shot of my home account @madejournal

What Fad Do You Wish Would Come Back? Which Do You Feel Should Stay Gone Forever?

Flavored lip gloss. Maybe for both lol. 

Where Is “Home” To You?

Currently, my dining room.

Fashion or Interior?


Can you tell us about your new venture, MADE?

Of course! Its (for now) an exploration in creating interiors. This year Ive been taking on select clients and working with them to furnish their spaces. I hope to have a site up soon, and cant wait to create some gorgeous content for it!

Advice you would give to one who is looking to re do their home?

Start small, one room at a time, and keep a tight color palette and shop second hand!

Current disposition:

Calm, collected. 


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