Portrait Series : Leila Goldkuhl Masterson

What's your day job?


Were you nervous about becoming a working mom?

Yes very nervous. My industry is especially tough for moms because it involves a lot of travel and flexibility. Being a mom does mean saying no to certain opportunities that come my way. 

Do you know what your having?

A girl :) 


What has been your wellness routine?

Ever changing. Routines are out the window with a toddler. As long as I’m drinking lots of water, and using both rose water and jajoba oil on my face regularly- I feel pretty good. 

Has your style changed with pregnancy?

My style changes all the time. With pregnancy though, I tend to wear a lot of oversized jumpsuits. Being pregnant in the winter also has me in a lot of leggings and oversized sweaters. I would almost never wear leggings while not pregnant. 


Any cravings or aversions?

The first tip off for both pregnancies for me was the aversion to coffee. Which I live for. Then there’s always a time where fresh veggies seem hard to swallow, which is crazy because they’re full of vitamins that me and baby need! And I crave carbs and soup earlier in my pregnancy. By this point though, I’m back to normal just consciously trying to fill myself with fresh nutrient dense foods. 

First thing you will eat after baby arrives?

Probably soup


Is there any advice on new mothers to be that you wish someone had told you?

Sleep while you can! Every parent gives that same warning. 



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