Portrait Series : Dayna Frazer

Have you even been taken back by someones beauty? If not you’ve probably never been in the presence of this one. Back in 2016 we had the chance to shoot with Dayna, till this day we talk about her, she moved with a fluidity that was seductive and sexy, her skins flawless and she’s smart, like studied political science smart, the entire crew on set was enamored with her. Dayna Frazer, NYC based model, beauty and wellness addict sits down to discuss how she’s keeping busy during quarantine, whats in her near future and shares some secrets on her self care routine.

Dayna wears the Pestova Top

Whats a day look like for you?

Well, right now it’s pretty simple! I’ve been waking up and making coffee, doing yoga at home or going for a run or bike ride, and sometimes doing FaceTime photo shoots with photographers or brands, and finishing the day with a face mask. I’ve also been getting some much needed reading time in and lots of sleep.

Whats the inspiration behind This Herban Life?

Actually, I started blogging while I worked at a law firm in the city. It felt like an outlet in a life that otherwise felt lackluster and not very creative at the time. I felt like I had things to share but no one to share it with that I knew. Now I pop in to share things I love about wellness, skincare, and food. 


Dayna wears the Bebe dress

Any beauty or wellness hacks to help get through this lockdown?

I love doing a salt scrub and then taking a bath. I mix equal parts salt and avocado oil, scrub, and then hop in a hot bath. It’s my favorite. Also, facial massage is a free and amazing thing to do. There are plenty of lovely YouTube tutorials out there.

Describe your personal style in a few words?

Black, lots of jeans and sneakers, super casual honestly! The occasional designer piece, usually a bag. I think being comfortable and looking like you didn’t try too hard is best. I look to men a lot for style inspiration.

Dayna wears the Ruby Top

If You Could Master One Skill You Don’t Have Right Now, What Would It Be?

I’ve always wanted to learn French fluently. It was my mom’s first language, so I feel like I should be better at this point! I’m only decent.

What five things do you always carry with you?

Strawberry chapstick, sunscreen, a book, hand sanitizer, my bike lights in case I need to ride at night. Very utilitarian :P

Dayna wears the Bebe dress

Best-kept beauty secret?

Sunscreen, retinol, and dry brushing. If you do those things and stay in good health, I think you’re set.

Number one beauty no no?

Not wearing sunscreen. I’ve worn it every day since I was 14. I’m pretty neurotic about it! 

Three skincare products you can't live without?

Differin Gel (an OTC retinoid - helps with acne and fine lines), Image Skincare SPF 50 (great brand used in a lot of dermatologist and esthetic practices), Biologique Recherche Lait U (lovely hydrating cleanser that removes all makeup and impurities).

Dayna wears the Ruby Top

Are you a vitamin / supplements believer? If yes, what do you swear by?

I am! Actually, I discovered recently that I’m estrogen dominant. (If you get PMS and hormonal breakouts you could be too). I take DIM every day and it changed my life. I never realized how important hormone health is for your mentality and even your skin. I also do a whole food multivitamin and take ashwagandha, which is amazing for stress.

Wine, Beer or a cocktail?

Beer. I’m loving Lunch brand’s IPA.

Dayna wears the Ruby Top

From studying law in Connecticut to modeling and blogging in NYC, whats next for you? 

Actually I just recently went to school for esthetics! I’m now a licensed esthetician and facialist. Pretty unrelated to my original education but I’m totally okay with that. I love helping people in a way that I feel I can offer some useful knowledge and experience. 

Current disposition:

I’m pretty happy right now. I like that this time has forced people to adapt and reevaluate. I think the planet is getting a break. I’m trying to look at some of the positives in spite of this otherwise trying time.