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Article: Portrait Series : Amy Lefevre

Portrait Series : Amy Lefevre

Portrait Series : Amy Lefevre

Amy Lafevre is model, creative and founder of the sunglass label Lefev! Amy was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule of castings, photoshoots and design concepts to sit down with us and answer a few questions! The following portrait series was shot by Aaron Perez.


What's your day job?

Aside from modeling with Q Models, I work on finding my favorite fashion brands and pieces to create content that I showcase on my Instagram @lefevrediary.  


What is a typical day in your life?

There is really only one constant in my day-to-day: early morning coffee at my favorite coffee shop!  Once I am caffeinated, I keep busy with modeling castings one day, shoots another day, and working on anything and everything to build our LEFEV brand.  For our LEFEV business lines, one day I may be filling orders, writing to our customers, or developing our next line.  I am currently working on expanding our LEFEV business into new jewelry so I’m keeping extra busy!


When did you start your sunglass line Lefev?

We started LEFEV sunglasses in 2018 and have quickly ramped the business both online and offline.  We want to make classy, stylish sunglasses affordable, which is why you can get any item for $30 with free shipping!  Fashion should be attainable which is the driving goal of our LEFEV business lines.  With this idea as our target, we are launching LEFEV New York, our new jewelry line that makes stylish, fine, real gold jewelry obtainable and durable (@lefev.newyork)


What is your favorite thing about your career?

Meeting so many different people and getting a message across that fashion is a light during dark times are some of the reasons I love what I do so much!  We want to be sure that everyone can look and feel good without breaking the bank.  To do this we want to provide beautiful stylish products that boost confidence but make you look like a badass!


Can you describe your personal style in a few words?

I am usually dressed like a tom-boy, but you also find me wearing streetwear one day and a haute look another day.  I suppose I would say eclectic!


What is New York's best-kept secret?

My favorite pizza spot, which I hesitate to give away, Rocky's Pizza in Murray Hill.


Win the lottery or work at your dream job?

Dream job hands down!


Your favorite cocktail is...

I have a hardcore sweet tooth, so Malibu Sunset!


Most over worn item in your wardrobe?

Since it is winter, I am constantly bundled up in my APPARIS leopard coat. I also always carry my mom’s hand-me-down LV purse on me. Always reminds me of her!


Best beauty tip ever received?

My life changed after I stayed using the natural concealer from Glossier.  Love the minimalist and natural shade.

One thing you would like to master?

Work has taken me to Paris more frequently lately, and while I do speak basic French, I would like to speak french fluently!


Go to lip color?

Burgundy all the way!


Girl crush?

Angelina Jolie. I love all her humanitarian work and how glamorous she is overall!


Current disposition?

I am excited for big things in 2020, currently preparing for an amazing trip to a ball in Vienna and skiing in the Dolomites! 


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