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Meet Mariah K Lyons: an extraordinary author, entrepreneur, an advocate for sustainable living, and a visionary who is revolutionizing conscious business. With an innovative approach to creating socially and environmentally responsible brands, Mariah has made a significant impact worldwide. She is the founder of ASTARA, a shoe company that combines function with purpose and the author of Crystal Healing for Women. Mariah's passion for holistic well-being and understanding our planet's interconnectedness has inspired countless individuals to embrace a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. She's inspired countless individuals to embrace a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, leveraging her passion for holistic well-being and understanding of our planet's interconnectedness. So if you want to gain insights into Mariah's journey, her perspectives on sustainable entrepreneurship, and her vision for a more harmonious future, join us as we delve into her wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration.

Tell us about your background, was there a specific moment or event that sparked your interest in wellness?

An understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection has been inherent since I was little. In ballet school growing up we had pilates and nutrition classes at age 12 and growing up in the mountains of Utah, I was either outside or in the dance studio. It’s all you know when you grow up. When I was in my early 20s then and had some autoimmune issues surface, I dove deep into natural healing to heal myself (which worked) and changed my direction of career at that time. It never ceases to amaze me how intrinsically connected everything is, and when we look holistically at an issue arising, and heal it on a physical, mental and spiritual level, how quickly it changes.

We’d love to hear more about ASTARA, can you share how and when the idea first came about?

ASTARA came in a meditation. I was shown footwear that connected people into the healing of the earth. At the time, I was working as a publicist at Jimmy Choo, and was traveling quite a bit, and wanted to create a shoe that was intentional, wellness minded and design focused. Each ASTARA shoe has a different crystal for specific balancing and creative intention, as well as a grounding component in the sole of the shoe that resonates at 7.83hz, which is called the Schumann Resonance and is the measured frequency of the earth that brings harmony and balance to the body, scientifically helping to reduce inflammation, sleep disorders, anxiety and balance circadian rhythms.

Do you have a morning ritual or something you do each day to feel centered?

I have had a morning meditation practice that Ive had for almost 15 years now. I rarely miss a day, but if I do I really notice a difference, I feel more scattered and as if my time is not my own. My morning practice signals to my brain and my heart that I am taking time for me, filling my cup and anchoring my energy before tending to anything else. And I notice that a daily devotional practice over time fuels my life and work like nothing else.

Did you travel anywhere to study reiki and meditation? How was the learning process for you?

I am a forever student. I love learning new things and have studied with many different teachers and masters in many modalities all over the world.

Can you share some details about your book, Crystal Healing for Women? What valuable insights can readers expect to gain from it?

Crystal Healing for Women is a complete resource for women looking to utilize minerals and gemstones in their personal practices for deeper wellbeing and radiance in all areas of life. It is a deep dive into 50 different crystals along with 40 rituals and meditations to integrate crystals into your everyday life. There are rituals for everything from Fertility and Conception, to Stress Relief and Igniting Creative Potential. It welcomes both beginners and more experienced practitioners into the world of crystals in a grounded

You have a background in dance and fashion, how does your history impact your life now?

In the moment we can never truly see how the the pieces comes together in the grand puzzle. Ive always been an artist, I believe that art and beauty heals, whether that be dance, music, fashion, or the artistry of moving energy in different healing practices. Dance gave me discipline at a young age and fine tuned my sensitivity and deep connection with my body. Fashion opened my eyes to another world of energetic design and connecting with people through physical products. ASTARA has woven together many of my different lives in this lifetime.

How has focusing on your well-being affected you both professionally and personally?

Dance taught me at a very young age the importance of a finely tuned body and healthy mental space for peak performance. We are unable to show up in the world in our highest capacity if we are unwell mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. It all holistically contributes to our overall experience of life.

What’s a piece of advice you can give anyone interested in cultivating more well-being in their lives?

Cultivate a personal meditation practice. Whatever that looks like for you. A space of connection to come back to wherever you are, regardless of what is going on around you. Space of sovereign stillness. Remember less is more. Sometimes even with practices that are “good” for us, we can fall into the trap of “doing more.” Ice baths, meditation, sauna, dry brushing, face yoga, red light, sound baths, crystals, IVs etc are all wonderfully supportive but they are even better on top on of a solid foundation of integrated and cultivated self awareness.



How would you describe your personal style, what’s important to you when getting dressed, and what pieces do you gravitate towards?

My personal style evolves as I do. I wear what feels good on my body in that particular moment. I tend to gravitate towards timeless silhouettes and staple pieces in natural materials like linen, silk or organic cotton. Different natural materials actually have different measured frequencies, which can harmonize with our energetic field for overall well-being. What we wear can have the incredible ability to not only physically support our energetic frequency, through different materials and color frequencies etc, but also express personal creativity and mood.

What is a quality you admire in others?

Compassion + Embodiment - the ability to be fully themselves no matter where they are or who they are with.

Is there an object you always carry with you that you couldn’t live without?

Ive actually played with this over the years and it changes..right now currently nothing, but different crystals, healing tools and talisman will be needed for a few weeks and then I’ll rotate out. Everything is shifting so quickly now that the time spent with different tools isn’t the same as it used to be. I see them as little reminders for what we already have within, and I talk about this a lot in Crystal Healing for Women, crystals never give us anything we don’t already have access to within, they help remind and hold that energetic tone so we can calibrate to it and then access it within.

Current disposition?

Curious + Playful


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