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Article: Leila



To kick off a New Year and the launch of TROIS we bring you our first Monthly Muse Leila Goldkuhl. This beauty is making her mark in the modeling world and is definitely one to watch in 2015. We caught up with Leila in LA over Sushi and of course sake! 

Who is your current Style Icon?
Kristen Mcmenamy, I love her!
Yes, Kristen and her daughter Lily are so beautiful and definitely have style. If you had to pick someone to be your lesbian crush who would it be....? 
Hmm, I don't have one BUT I would want to be best friends with Taylor Swift.
Haha, ok we'lll take that. How about a vice or guilty pleasure?
Easy, cornbread with butter and honey!
That sounds amazing! Some people grow up with a certain quote or words of wisdom that have been passed on by a parent or grandparent. Do you have any? 
Yes, its one you've heard but I truly believe it. 

Ok what is it?
Actions speak louder than words... they really do!
They really do and thats probably why it's a popular one. Let's jump to fashion, what are the three most coveted pieces in your wardrobe?
My acne pistol boots and I have a thing for Chloe jackets but my black one is my favorite. It disappeared for a while and I was devastated but then it reappeared! For my last pick I would say my red flannel shirt... well actually it's my boyfriend's.

It's funny for some reason a boyfriends shirt or sweater always feels better then your own. Whats on the horizon for you?
Leather working!

That sounds amazing what do you want to make?
Yes, I have been wanting to learn it for a while, I think my first project will be a camera case. 

Are you into photography as well?
Yes, I used to take a lot of photos but now that my boyfriend is photographer I let him take all the digitals but I take a lot of polaroids. Plus I really like to collect polaroids. There is really something special about polaroids and we like to take them during all of our shoots as well.
What are 3 songs you have in rotation right now on your playlist?
- Taylor Swift | Blank Space
- Hozier | Take me to church
- Pink Floyd | Money

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